Southdale-North Woodside School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Blumenthal, Adrienne Principal 902-464-2081
Aucoin, Susan VP Until Nov. 29th 902-464-2081
Lake, Kelly Secretary 902-464-2081
MacIntyre, Norma Vice Principal after Nov. 29th 902-464-2081
Rose, Janet Guidance 902-464-2081 ext. 0790

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ahmad, Farah Grade Primary Website
Authedi, Bevan 8 Math 7/8 Science
Balcom, Jason 7/8 Music 6/8 Band Website
Bond, Melissa Grade Primary Website
Campbell, Alison Learning Center 7&8 Resource
Cleversey, Belinda 4-6 French
Coffin Were, Cindy Grade P/1 Website
Cooper, Angie 7/8 FI Math / 8 Core French Website
Crocker, Susan Resource
Endres, Patricia ELT/Reading Recovery
George, Crystal 8 ELA/Healthy Living
Hayes, Angela Grade One
Jensen, Robin 7/8 Art
John, Mackley Student Support Teacher
Kelloway, Adrianne Learning Center
Lutz, Catherine 7-8 Physical Education Website
Matheson, Abbey Grade Three/Four
Mazerall, Shannon 7/8 FI Science & Science Hum Website
McCormack, Rebecca Grade Six Twitter
McLeod, Michael 7 ELA/SocSt Website
Mitchell, Adrienne P-6 Physical Education
Moriarty, Jennifer Grade Five/Six
Mumford, John 7/8 Math
Murphy, Janine Grade 2
Myatt, Paul 7 FLA/Core Fr 7/8 Science Humaine
Payne, Lindsay Grade Four/Five
Revoy, Theresa Learning Center
Robertson, Bridget Resource
Ryan, Catriona Resource ELT
Slobodnick, Dwayne Grade Three Website
Smeltzer, Jennifer P-6 Music
Thorne, Christine 8 ELA/SocSt 7/8Healthy Living
Vanderhorst, Amy 8 FI FLA/Core Fr 7/8 Mode de Vie Website
Wallin, Mary Ann Grade Two Teacher
Wilder, Sue Ellen Strings
Younes, Sara Grade Four/Five

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Basque, Kim EPA 50%
Bentley, Denise 80% EPA
Colley, Abena 80% EPA
Decoste, Donna 80% EPA
Fraser, Ira African NS Support Worker
Gorman, Stephanie Speech/Language Pathologist
Hayes, Brenda EAL
Hennessey, Derrick Aboriginal Support Worker
Jai, Steve Technician
Jewers, Brad Social Worker
Lunn, Robert 100% EPA
Lutley, Chris EPA 50%
MacDonald, Debby Librarian
Macdonald, Gary School Mental Health Clinician 902-221-7599
McAvoy, Laura Community Outreach Worker
Meagher, Rachel 80% EPA
Moir, Jim Technician
Moriarty, Kelli School Psycholgist
Preston, Jean 80% EPA
Samson, Kim 100% EPA
Smith, Guy Building Manager
Thomas, Anthony 80% EPA
Welsh, Lisa SLD support
West, Angela Math Coach